Drupal Commerce Alpha 3

This last week's development on Drupal Commerce has been a flurry of exciting commits for me. Ever since the first demos I've been talking about how the Add to Cart form will be able to use field data to let customers choose products by their field values instead of their titles. Similarly, I've talked about dynamically updating field data on the page so images, prices, and other fields are re-rendered to reflect the currently selected product.

Until now these features have been relatively low priority, as we focused on the other major core systems. However, with the release of 7.x-1.0-alpha3, they have finally moved from the hypothetical realm into code awaiting your testing.

Example Add to Cart form
Inherited product fields, dynamic options, and dependent attributes... oh my!

The screenshot shows three features of Drupal Commerce product displays:

  1. Product fields from the default product are pulled into the node display via the Product Reference field. The pictured display actually references 12 separate products representing different color / size combinations.
  2. The Add to Cart form display formatter turns product reference fields into forms. It creates attribute select lists using field data from the referenced products, only including options that actually exist on products referenced by the field.
  3. As options are selected on the form, the product fields displayed on the page are updated to reflect the currently selected product. The options on the form also update to show newly available options, allowing for attribute dependencies to any depth in their order of appearance on the form.

In other words, as I choose a color option, the size select list updates to only list sizes of the shirt available in that color and the image can change to show me wearing a different shirt. If the size is changed to a more expensive option, the price on the page updates accordingly. I'm sure this description hardly does the features justice, so I'll get a screencast and live demo up next week for you to play with.

This behavior is all thanks to the new #ajax property in Drupal 7 and required no custom JavaScript to work. When a select list's value changes, the form is submitted and rebuilt server side giving me a chance to change the available options. My #ajax callback uses a set of AJAX commands to direct the replacement of the existing form with the newly rebuilt form and works alongside the product reference field to re-render and replace any product fields on the page as necessary.

(On a side note, if you need to do full form replacement yourself, be sure not to target the form using its id. Each time it is rebuilt, the HTML id is incremented by drupal_html_id(), so the replacement will only work the first time. Instead, either target a container within the form or some other selector that won't change each refresh. This cost me a few hours. )

Other features of note in this release include:

  • The order edit form has taken shape with vertical tabs, revision logging, and working customer profile reference fields.
  • All currencies have been defined with updates to the Price field accommodating multi-currency stores. Currency rounding now accommodates currencies like Swiss Francs, which rounds to the nearest twentieth (thanks to das-peter). Only known currency formats are implemented, so you may need to open an issue for yours to have proper formatting (i.e. $100.00 vs. 100.00 USD).
  • The Payment module received more work since the last release to support credit card payment methods. I've created Commerce Authorize.Net as a proof-of-concept and example implementation for other developers to follow. (Some code specific to that module right now will be abstracted to Payment, like a general handler for prior authorization captures.)

More information and a full commit log are available in the release notes. I'm very grateful for the efforts of community contributors, especially das-peter for his help on the currency issues and our Entity API and Rules integration.

There's still plenty of work to be done, so feel free to join is in the issue queue.

Drupal Commerce Alpha 2

Blog's been a bit sleepy as of late... so sleepy it managed to miss out on two trips to Europe for DrupalCon Copenhagen and E-commerce Paris 2010, the first Drupal Commerce alpha release, and my daughter's first steps and first birthday.

Éowyn looking up.
"What gives, dad?"

Does it work to just say they were all awesome and move on? My wife can testify that many things in my life back up to a point where a dearth of activity stymies said activity's resumption... or simply put, when I stop doing something I want to do for an extended period of time, I find it hard to start again.

Ok, </introspection>. I'm breaking the ice with a happy announcement - I managed to package up Drupal Commerce 1.0-alpha2 in the wee hours of the night.

The release notes provide an overview of changes with a full commit log since the alpha 1 at DrupalCon CPH. The new alpha and my development installation profile have been updated for Drupal 7.0-beta1, though I still need to update our Fields to take advantage of display formatter settings.

The highlights of the release are:

  • Functioning Payment module with integration points for on-site methods (demonstrated by the core Null payment module) and redirected payment services (demonstrated by PayPal WPS integration in Commerce PayPal). Payment service integrators would do well to jump on board so we can take care of any workflow issues, especially for redirected payment services.
  • SimpleTest base class for Commerce testing provided by Jeremy Blanchard, complete with documentation and related issues. It's just begging for you to start using it...
  • Updates to the price object to allow Rules based transformation of prices prior to purchase and/or display; still requires some implementation as outlined in a rambling Google Doc.
  • The Specification handbook at DrupalCommerce.org has received some love to get it up to speed. A major goal for the project was to not have undocumented major releases, so I've begun documenting the various system components and will then move onto the system overviews. For now only the sections on our info hooks and core API utilization have meaningful content. Feedback on the structure is most welcome.
  • A host of bugfixes and API / variable naming standardization. The documentation effort really helped here, so I expect similar results as I catalog the Commerce Entities and Fields.

The release is also accompanied by an alpha release of Address Field, a dependency the Customer module uses to collect name and address information during checkout according to the xNAL standard. This module took some massaging to get working, because it defines a Field that uses #ajax to update address form elements based on the country chosen. It now works no matter where I embed the widget, even if I'm doing something crazy like embedding the customer profile entity's field widgets in the checkout form... but that's a topic for a follow-up blog post.

That's all to report for now. There's plenty more activity and good contributions coming through the issue tracker. As this alpha's release was dependent on a fully functioning Payment module, the next alpha release will be dependent on the full implementation of dynamic pricing as outlined in the doc above. We'll also push to get as far as we can on the order administration UI and show some love to product and line item display in the meantime. We'll stay busy!

Coming to a Paris Near You

January seemed to breeze along without really stopping to say hello, and February doesn't look to be slowing down either. af83 will be hosting a Drupal Commerce Sprint in Paris from February 22 - 26, and we'll be doing as much as we can to make sure it's a productive time. I'll be flying over with mikejoconnor to join DamZ, Bojhan, fago, and whoever else shows up to work on the core Commerce modules and Rules 2 for Drupal 7. We're very excited about the week and doubly excited about the chance to work with Bojhan and fago early in DC's development.

If you're interested in joining us for a week of hard core Drupal in Paris, sound off in the forum thread for the sprint. We'll keep potential attendees notified of plans / IRC meetings through that thread. We're looking to finalize attendees by the 15th and draw up our battle plans to maximize our time together. I can't wait!

Costs will mostly be covered by Commerce Guys and af83. However, if you can't make it but would happily send someone in your stead, stay tuned and we'll post up links to the appropriate chip-ins.

Great Drupal and BBQ in Austin, TX

I had a great time last weekend taking part in DrupalCamp Austin as a learner, a helper, and a presenter. I also enjoyed sharing an apartment and eating meat (and/or ice cream ) with my fellow Commerce Guys, Mike and Tim, and it was doubly fun to get reacquainted with folks I hadn't seen since last year's Drupalcon Szeged or Do It With Drupal.

As a learner at Drupal events, I tend to benefit most from sessions that discuss meta issues in Drupal development... how to grow your community or business, interact with clients, deploy and manage sites in the wild, etc. Ben Finklea of Volacci didn't disappoint with the weekend's opening keynote session, Building a Successful Drupal Business. He focused a lot on building good business processes for tasks ranging from managing sales leads to hiring. I missed out on Ben's SEO chat later but actually had the pleasure of joining him for church on Sunday morning, a rare opportunity on a Drupal weekend!

As a helper, I had fun doing a little bit of Drupal / Ubercart triage in the Commerce Guys room. Myself and a few other experienced Drupallers fielded questions and offered site building advice to various folks looking to iron out issues with their latest sites and prepare for upcoming projects. Aside from the communal eating of meat and ice cream (see above... and below), this is probably my favorite part of Drupal events.

Last, as a presenter I walked through the installation and configuration of Ubercart starting with the UberDrupal installation profile. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done and helped folks in the audience visualize how to use the sweet Acquia Prosper theme and leverage Ubercart's core systems. I was scheduled to discuss the ongoing Ubercore Initiative the next day, but most in the crowd were there because they had chosen Panels over Ubercart the day before. So, with a slight adjustment, I presented another Ubercart overview with glimpses of the plans for future development (like those in my last post on products). Those interested in learning more than that session afforded should hop in the #d7uc IRC meeting scheduled for Nov. 20 at 1 PM EST and keep an eye on http://d7uc.org.

On the recommendation of Todd Nienkerk of Four Kitchens, I drove the rental with Mike and Tim down to Driftwood, TX (nowhere near a beach) for some Salt Lick BBQ. They brought us plates piled with meat fresh from the open fire pit, treating our taste buds through our yummiest business planning meeting ever. Here's hoping there's a trip to Austin (for Drupal and/or BBQ) in my future!