Drupal Commerce Alpha 2

Blog's been a bit sleepy as of late... so sleepy it managed to miss out on two trips to Europe for DrupalCon Copenhagen and E-commerce Paris 2010, the first Drupal Commerce alpha release, and my daughter's first steps and first birthday.

Éowyn looking up.
"What gives, dad?"

Does it work to just say they were all awesome and move on? My wife can testify that many things in my life back up to a point where a dearth of activity stymies said activity's resumption... or simply put, when I stop doing something I want to do for an extended period of time, I find it hard to start again.

Ok, </introspection>. I'm breaking the ice with a happy announcement - I managed to package up Drupal Commerce 1.0-alpha2 in the wee hours of the night.

The release notes provide an overview of changes with a full commit log since the alpha 1 at DrupalCon CPH. The new alpha and my development installation profile have been updated for Drupal 7.0-beta1, though I still need to update our Fields to take advantage of display formatter settings.

The highlights of the release are:

  • Functioning Payment module with integration points for on-site methods (demonstrated by the core Null payment module) and redirected payment services (demonstrated by PayPal WPS integration in Commerce PayPal). Payment service integrators would do well to jump on board so we can take care of any workflow issues, especially for redirected payment services.
  • SimpleTest base class for Commerce testing provided by Jeremy Blanchard, complete with documentation and related issues. It's just begging for you to start using it...
  • Updates to the price object to allow Rules based transformation of prices prior to purchase and/or display; still requires some implementation as outlined in a rambling Google Doc.
  • The Specification handbook at DrupalCommerce.org has received some love to get it up to speed. A major goal for the project was to not have undocumented major releases, so I've begun documenting the various system components and will then move onto the system overviews. For now only the sections on our info hooks and core API utilization have meaningful content. Feedback on the structure is most welcome.
  • A host of bugfixes and API / variable naming standardization. The documentation effort really helped here, so I expect similar results as I catalog the Commerce Entities and Fields.

The release is also accompanied by an alpha release of Address Field, a dependency the Customer module uses to collect name and address information during checkout according to the xNAL standard. This module took some massaging to get working, because it defines a Field that uses #ajax to update address form elements based on the country chosen. It now works no matter where I embed the widget, even if I'm doing something crazy like embedding the customer profile entity's field widgets in the checkout form... but that's a topic for a follow-up blog post.

That's all to report for now. There's plenty more activity and good contributions coming through the issue tracker. As this alpha's release was dependent on a fully functioning Payment module, the next alpha release will be dependent on the full implementation of dynamic pricing as outlined in the doc above. We'll also push to get as far as we can on the order administration UI and show some love to product and line item display in the meantime. We'll stay busy!

First Videos of Éowyn

Here are some videos of the little beauty from her time in the hospital and her homecoming. She's almost three and a half days old and still as lovely as the moment she was born. Cool

(These have all been posted to my YouTube account... this player features the Éowyn's Birth playlist, and I'm sure I'll be adding more very soon... If you want to link to it yourself, use http://bit.ly/LbCgm. :))

Drupal Love at Birth

I'm super excited and happy to announce the birth of my baby girl, Éowyn Grace Szrama. She took her first breath of fresh air at 12:09 PM on September 25, 2009. The event was live blogged on Twitter, so she was immediately welcomed to Earth by Drupallers and friends from all over the world. We'll be printing her up a Google Map charting them all for her nursery.

Daddy made sure she'd feel a part of the community from day one. I pulled my baby into the world wearing one of my favorite t-shirts (visible in the background behind her little Druplicon head) so she'd know that Lullabot loves her. I even had to take it off between hospital visits to preserve it for the big day (long story). Wink

Éowyn at birth.
Handing my little clay baby to momma under Lullabot's watchful eye.
Éowyn at birth with mom and dad.
Baby girl after her first feeding with a proud mom and dad.

For those interested, we've posted more pictures in a public Facebook gallery and will get some up on my Flickr account eventually. Thanks for all the encouragement and congratulations!

Working from the Road

This next week I'll be taking my show on the road. After a high school friend's wedding this evening, I'm driving with Christina to Abingdon, VA where we'll stay with my grandparents for the weekend. We'll be meeting my older brother and sister-in-law there for some hangin' out and some play action - The Fantasticks at the local Barter Theatre. It should be a fun weekend!

On Sunday evening or Monday morning we'll drive down to Greenville, SC where I'll set up shop in their "bonus room". It'll become my new home office for a few days while we spend the evenings visiting with family and loading up on baby shower loot. I love spending time with my in-laws, so the week should be a real treat.

Even better... we won't have to leave our house unattended that whole time! Some friends are in between leases at two apartments and have agreed to come babysit Top Porch and our awesome veggie garden while we're away. Sheets changed, clean towels out, floor vacuumed, and chocolates hidden. Hah!