Presenting Ubercart and more at Drupalcon Szeged

As I posted before, I'm super excited about the upcoming Drupalcon in Hungary. I've never been further east than Barcelona, and I never imagined I'd get to spend my first anniversary with Christina in Budapest... I'm definitely up for any sightseeing recommendations for our time there. <img src="" />

The Uberdevs have set some goals for <a href="">Ubercart</a> at <a href="">Drupalcon</a>, and one of them is to present and share as much information and knowledge as possible. To that end, we've proposed two sessions and a BoF that I hope folks will find useful (and vote for accordingly).

I'll be doing my <a href="">I... Ubercart</a> session for the third time running, presenting attendees with a brief overview of Ubercart, a look at some advanced feature configuration, and an update on Drupal 6 development (with an eager eye toward the future).

Lyle and I are also planning to present <a href=" Hands-On Guide to Module Development</a> aimed at beginner and intermediate developers. We're looking to walk through our module development "best practices" that go beyond coding and security standards into the things we've done wrong and are starting to do right when it comes to structuring/writing code and using Drupal and contributed module APIs. Code samples will be provided... check out the description for more info on the format.

Lastly, we've scheduled a BoF to talk about <a href="">Uber... in Drupal 6</a>. We're looking to brief folks on where things stand and where we hope to be in the coming months. Hopefully there will be some good brainstorming and collaboration to make Ubercart's core more solid, consistent, and easy to work with on Drupal 6 and beyond.

We're eager to share and to learn, and we're looking forward to a good time once again. <img src="" />

Introducing Ubercamp, July 25-27

<img align="right" src="" style="margin: 0em 0em 1em 1em;">I made an earlier limited <a href="">announcem... about this event to gauge interest and availability, and now I'm casting the net a little further. Plans have been laid for an Ubercamp on July 25th - 27th to be hosted by the <a href="">Ubercart</a> team in <a href=",+ky&ie=UTF8&..., KY</a> and at <a href=" Cumberland</a> (ideally enjoying Andy's houseboat and some water sports). <img src="" />

The tentative schedule includes a pre-camp hackathon at the Ubercart office during the day on Friday. In the evening, depending on crowd size and wireless availability, we'll head down to the lake and spend the weekend sharing, learning, discussing, and hacking on Ubercart.

While our primary focus will be Ubercart planning/development and testing the Drupal 6 port (codenamed <a href=" Tuber</a>), Drupallers looking to learn and help where they can are welcome to join us. If you're interested, you can find more scheduling/pricing information and RSVP in the <a href=" thread</a>. Mike O'Connor will be coordinating things through there as the plans unfold.

We're excited about the chance to meet and spend time with the folks who can make it. We had a great time with other Drupallers interested in and working with Ubercart in <a href=" and hope to have a wonderful time at the Ubercamp. No official word on the Camp Song yet, but I bet it involves <a href=" <img src="" />

Heading to Drupalcon Szeged

Ahh, for once in my life I've registered early for an event. I spent a couple hours over the last few days nailing down the details of an <a href="">Ubercart</a> excursion to <a href="">Drupalcon Szeged</a> and am happy to report that the new company credit card works just fine. <img src="" />

Registration on the Drupalcon website is quite an experience. It took me a few minutes to orient myself to the whole process (lots of pages to flip through), but once I got it down I was able to register myself and the other Ubercart devs for the event at the awesome <a href="">discounted rate</a>. Not only that, I got us rooms in a <a href=" a few blocks away from the venue (no 2 mile hike a la Boston <img src="" />) and easy travel between Budapest and Szeged at the same time. The organizers were even able to accommodate the trouble I'm causing by bringing my wife along who needs a shuttle bus ticket but won't be attending the conference.

Of course the best part... <a href="">Christi... will be joining me again, and we'll celebrate our first anniversary in Budapest before shuttling down to hang out in Drupaltown. <img src="" /> We're totally excited, and I can't wait to see the folks I know and the new people I'll meet in Szeged.

Ubercart 1.0 in the wild

Ahh, the sweet smell of a fresh release... if I could turn it into a drink, it would be a pumpkin spice latte (or perhaps a caramel frappuccino which doesn't smell as good but tastes great!). Today, 15 months after the initial alpha release, we've released Ubercart 1.0 for Drupal 5. As I said in our announcement, reaching the milestone is quite an achievement, but doing the work alongside a worldwide community of Drupal/Ubercart users and contributors has been a real joy. Many thanks to the countless folks who have made a 1.0 release possible.

There's still plenty to do, and we're learning so much as the project matures. However, the many donated hours from our users and developers along with encouragements like this keep spurring us on in development:

"... what they've put together in a year and a half surpasses many of the other shopping carts out there that have been stabbing at this ecommerce monster for almost a decade.

Personally, we are migrating from Xcart. It was good to us and I loved it until I discovered Drupal, now only Drupal will do, and for ecommerce, only Ubercart will do."

We look forward to continuing development on Ubercart with the many cool folks who have helped in the forums, chatted in IRC, and hung out with us at the last two Drupalcons. Porting the 1.0 to Drupal 6 is already well underway (way to go Lyle et al!) with a roadmap to come in the near future. Let the brainstorming continue as we consider how to improve the Ubercart core when we move on to 2.0 development.

Personally, I'm heading out of town for four days to help my folks move and attend the wedding of my wife's college friend. I hope you all enjoy the release while I'm away, and good luck to Lyle as he keeps up with the forum activity. Smile