Win an LCD TV on a new Drupal site

A friend of mine regularly produces quality Drupal sites with good write-ups on d.o, often finding his work featured on the front page of the site. He's drawn a lot of good feedback and given out a fair bit of advice to new Drupallers. A couple of his previous sites include and (with an iPhone app to boot!).

His latest website is a web magazine providing LCD TV reviews and news. I'm a little late to be writing about this (honestly, I thought I had till the end of the month for some reason), but the site is running a competition for Black Friday giving away a free Samsung 40" LCD TV. If you read this tonight, go ahead and go sign up for your shot to win and spread the word.

While you're at it, you can poke around the site to read more about LCD TVs, read reviews from other site members, and provide feedback on TVs you own or have owned. I'm still in the stone age on a 21" CRT myself, so adding a new TV to chez moi would be most welcome. Wink