Orange Jello is Mighty Nice

My wife made me some orange Jello with chopped up bananas and oranges in it. I posted before about how much I love pudding cups, and I still do. Let it also be known that I love Jello. A few interesting facts about eating Jello for your bedtime snack...

  • You might knock a cup of water over when you get Jello out of the refrigerator and try to set it on the kitchen table in the dark.
  • You might only find forks in the silverware drawer.
  • It's hard to eat Jello, especially the small pieces at the end, with a fork.
  • It's even harder to finish off a cup of Jello with a fork quietly so as to not wake your loving wife who made you the treat.
  • Jello should be eaten in a bowl, because a cup (once again) just isn't big enough!


How weird is this? I made orange Jell-o (respect the hyphen!) on Tuesday for a Halloween party. Most of it was left by the time the party was over, but my roommates enjoyed it. Didn't have any fruit in it though.

Oh! So THAT's how the water got on the floor!! Smile

And you didn't wake me up.

I love you, and your Jell-o/Pudding loves.