Why use Drupal for e-commerce?

I recently posted a page to Ubercart.org titled, Why use Drupal for e-commerce?. In it I made some observations about Drupal and how it is the perfect platform on which to base an e-commerce site. All the things we wish other e-commerce specific systems would do (or that we have to hack to get done) Drupal does out of the box. Feel free to give it a read and offer up any feedback here.

A brief summary of my reasons include:

  • It's got great search engine optimization (including easy SEF URLs with the path and pathauto modules).
  • It's nice and secure with an active security team. (I've even got an e-mail in the past with someone from the team pointing out a hole in my code who had never even used the module! Kudos to the security team at Drupal.org!)
  • It's a very powerful content management system, which is a must for future e-commerce sites and a great benefit to companies that market products supported by a niche market or particular community.
  • There are many folks out there (like me!) who are available to help and to work for you as you start to setup your Drupal + Ubercart site. Having the whole directory of contributed modules and themes is great.

Anyways, enough shameless promotion of Drupal and Ubercart for now. I'm just about to roll out the Alpha 7d release and need to do one final test on an update from a previous version to make sure I don't go breaking anyone's site with the release!



one further thing that is so obvious it's almost not worth pointing out (so this is my time to shine!) - Drupal enables side-by-side shopping carts and all your other website needs in one place. So many times I've had to break other packages to integrate X with Y, or add a seemingly obvious feature to Z. With Drupal you have a number of things off the bat:

  • A solid content management system with excellent SEO facilities (a must for business site owners)
  • eCommerce functionality that integrates seamlessly with that
  • a framework that allows developers to extend the application in ways that are pretty much unlimited

The combination of these is frankly mind-bending, and I can't think of many other packages that have this level of flexibility.