Drupal Love at Birth

I'm super excited and happy to announce the birth of my baby girl, Éowyn Grace Szrama. She took her first breath of fresh air at 12:09 PM on September 25, 2009. The event was live blogged on Twitter, so she was immediately welcomed to Earth by Drupallers and friends from all over the world. We'll be printing her up a Google Map charting them all for her nursery.

Daddy made sure she'd feel a part of the community from day one. I pulled my baby into the world wearing one of my favorite t-shirts (visible in the background behind her little Druplicon head) so she'd know that Lullabot loves her. I even had to take it off between hospital visits to preserve it for the big day (long story). Wink

Éowyn at birth.
Handing my little clay baby to momma under Lullabot's watchful eye.
Éowyn at birth with mom and dad.
Baby girl after her first feeding with a proud mom and dad.

For those interested, we've posted more pictures in a public Facebook gallery and will get some up on my Flickr account eventually. Thanks for all the encouragement and congratulations!



I hope the downloading, err, birth went well.

Congratulations mom and dad for release 1.0, now lifecycle support starts! Mwaha ha ha.

Where can I file a bug? An American with an accented first name? Or are you going to send us all new keyboards with the proper letters on it ...

Enjoy the ride, it is fun ...

haha, thanks Khalid. Smile

I actually found out on the Mac keyboard that option + E will give me the accent and another E results in É. Very handy.

For months we've all been waiting for this day. You're a beautiful family, and there are a lot of people out here wishing you well. Congratulations!


Congratulations to you and your wife. Hope all goes well!

Congratulations! Beautiful name.

Congratulations. A beautiful family picture. =]

Congratulations Ryan and the Lullababy! Probably for the best that she didn't get a middle name of Ubercart. Smile

congrats that is amazing you have a BABY!