Breathing British Air

At long last I'm breathing British air and getting psyched for tomorrow's Drupal Commerce training. I lived in the UK for four years as a child but only have vague memories of a nanny and getting AG Bear and My Buddy for Christmas. I didn't come back with a nanny, but I did bring along my wife to help take care of me and my daughter to carry the dolls. We spent a few days in Paris recovering from jetlag, ringing in our fifth year of marriage, and finalizing training arrangements before riding the Eurostar to London with the rest of the team this afternoon.

We'll have a total of fourteen Commerce Guys at DrupalCon London, meaning we'll have plenty of people on hand to talk about Drupal Commerce. In addition to tomorrow's training, we'll be presenting / discussing the Commerce modules and contribs in BoF sessions throughout the week. To see the line-up, check the BoF schedule under Room 334. If we can record or screen capture anything from these, they'll end up on the Commerce Guys Vimeo channel.

I'm looking forward to the Developing with Drupal Commerce session on Thursday, because it will be me first go at leading a panel discussion instead of introducing all things Drupal Commerce in a solo, hand-waving, water-guzzling presentation.

I'll be joined by several other developers and business owners who have been bidding on and building Drupal Commerce sites since the alpha and beta releases. We're now gearing up for a 1.0 release thanks to the hard work and contributions of everyone on the panel. It should be valuable and entertaining to hear them talk about what it's like to develop with Drupal Commerce and how the core modules have evolved since they've been working with them.

Last but not least, for everyone who doesn't care a lick about e-commerce but likes Indian food, I have discovered the best Indian place in Croydon. Look no further than The Spicy Affair for a fair-priced, keenly seasoned meal (with a surprisingly kid friendly wait staff!). That's probably the most controversial statement I made in this blog post, and I can't defend it as though I'm some sort of connoisseur. If you know a better place, feel free to link it in. Otherwise I'll see you there.


Whilst It's not in Croydon, if you venture into central London and you're after a curry, I can recommend a few locations:

Brick Lane - It's curry central, you will get a good deal because all the places fall over each other trying to give the best deal.

If you're in Covent Garden, a place called the Dacca Tandoori (sp?) is very nice, its opposite TGI Fridays at the bottom of Covent Garden.

Or if you prefer Chinese, go to China Town and go to the Feng Shui Inn - bloody marvelous chinese!

Food tips from a London / Cambridge drupaler lol

Thanks for the tips! We'll be going downtown Friday and Saturday, so I'll pass the recommendations on to my meal planner. Wink (Christina is busy mapping out things for us to do.)

My experience of breathing British air or London air to be more precise, is that after 3 days, your snot goes black.
Do the handkerchief test at the end of day three, it's alarming. (Unless of course you come from somewhere with equally foul air.)

heh, I'll give it a shot. Louisville has pretty nice air except in the Spring when it's full of sinus assaulting pollen. Tongue