Working from the Road

This next week I'll be taking my show on the road. After a high school friend's wedding this evening, I'm driving with Christina to Abingdon, VA where we'll stay with my grandparents for the weekend. We'll be meeting my older brother and sister-in-law there for some hangin' out and some play action - The Fantasticks at the local Barter Theatre. It should be a fun weekend!

On Sunday evening or Monday morning we'll drive down to Greenville, SC where I'll set up shop in their "bonus room". It'll become my new home office for a few days while we spend the evenings visiting with family and loading up on baby shower loot. I love spending time with my in-laws, so the week should be a real treat.

Even better... we won't have to leave our house unattended that whole time! Some friends are in between leases at two apartments and have agreed to come babysit Top Porch and our awesome veggie garden while we're away. Sheets changed, clean towels out, floor vacuumed, and chocolates hidden. Hah!