Screencast Demos Store Setup with Ubercart

Acquia has distributed a video the demonstrates setting up a small business website in Drupal. Fortunately for us, they give a brief description and overview of what it would take to use the Ubercart module suite to add the store functionality to the site. It provides a little extra motivation to keep making the modules leaner, cleaner, and easier to use. Cool

Check it out:

Ubercamping it (Pt. 2)

Well, the weekend is over, but I'll post a little post-campously. Saturday was yet another awesome day. We moved the boat down the lake (with only a minor scare getting out of the marina <img src="" />) after our final camper arrived that morning. We enjoyed the view and the breeze, but more importantly we enjoyed the company and the breakfast.

Andy scoped out a private cove on the WaveRunner Tim brought down (which is an AWESOME piece of machinery), and we pulled in, tied up, and played in the water a bit. Over a yummy, meaty lunch we got to talking about where Ubercart is, where it's headed, and how we can better enable the community to participate in its development. There were a lot of good ideas passed around the table, and hopefully we'll see the fruit of some in the near future.

I spent some time in the evening taking the kayak out to the mouth of our cove and watching the sun set behind the mountains. It was very peaceful rocking gently on the waves in the middle of nowhere. There were no other boats in site, and my trusty little kayak kept quiet so I could enjoy the view.

The informal chat time over dinner and games in the evening was great, with several opportunities to share and to learn. I suppose my one regret would be not making more time for the informal instructional chats. They happened, but perhaps with an hour blocked out where there was no tubing or diving going on it would've happened a little better.

And... I need a development laptop. <img src=" />

Ubercamping it (Pt. 1)

Just a quick post to let everyone know that we ... have ... arrived. We've got 4 out of towners in town for the Ubercamp and made it to the Lake a couple hours ago. We're now sitting down to a nice meaty dinner outside on the boat and are getting used to one another's company quite well. <img src="" />

The boat is pretty much awesome - a three and a half bedroom, two full bath affair with a large back patio and top deck. There's a jetski tied up out back that will surely provide fun tomorrow. For now, it's relaxation time and Ubercart gabbin' time.

Wish you were here. <img src="" />

Presenting Ubercart and more at Drupalcon Szeged

As I posted before, I'm super excited about the upcoming Drupalcon in Hungary. I've never been further east than Barcelona, and I never imagined I'd get to spend my first anniversary with Christina in Budapest... I'm definitely up for any sightseeing recommendations for our time there. <img src="" />

The Uberdevs have set some goals for <a href="">Ubercart</a> at <a href="">Drupalcon</a>, and one of them is to present and share as much information and knowledge as possible. To that end, we've proposed two sessions and a BoF that I hope folks will find useful (and vote for accordingly).

I'll be doing my <a href="">I... Ubercart</a> session for the third time running, presenting attendees with a brief overview of Ubercart, a look at some advanced feature configuration, and an update on Drupal 6 development (with an eager eye toward the future).

Lyle and I are also planning to present <a href=" Hands-On Guide to Module Development</a> aimed at beginner and intermediate developers. We're looking to walk through our module development "best practices" that go beyond coding and security standards into the things we've done wrong and are starting to do right when it comes to structuring/writing code and using Drupal and contributed module APIs. Code samples will be provided... check out the description for more info on the format.

Lastly, we've scheduled a BoF to talk about <a href="">Uber... in Drupal 6</a>. We're looking to brief folks on where things stand and where we hope to be in the coming months. Hopefully there will be some good brainstorming and collaboration to make Ubercart's core more solid, consistent, and easy to work with on Drupal 6 and beyond.

We're eager to share and to learn, and we're looking forward to a good time once again. <img src="" />