Lullabot Using Ubercart for Conference Registrations

Well, I had to keep mum while it was developing, but <a href="">Lullabot</a> has now announced their <a href="">Do It With Drupal</a> conference scheduled for December 10-12 in New Orleans, LA. With the doors open for registration, I can post about how awesome it is that they decided to use <a href="">Ubercart</a> to handle the registrations and gave me the chance to flex my UC muscles in putting it all together. I can also finally express my excitement about being invited down to present Ubercart sessions to the lucky folks who register before the conference fills up. <img src="" />

So, Lyle and I cooked up a module now available through called <a href="">UC Node Checkout</a> for DIWD. This allows you to tie newly created nodes of specified node types to products in a customer's shopping cart. You can expand the node type however you want with CCK so you end up with a robust, customizable product form. When the customer completes checkout, you can execute a little bit of PHP to loop through the products on the order, check for a related node ID, and process the referenced nodes accordingly.

DIWD is of course using this for conference registration nodes, but anyone looking for customizable products that go beyond what Ubercart's product attributes system has to offer can take advantage of UC Node Checkout. I've already got ideas for improving the module, but right now it's a pretty rockin' system.

A hearty thanks to Lullabot for hosting what's looking to be a great conference, getting me out of Louisville as the cold weather sets in, and making sure others can take advantage of the code put together to make their conference site run smoothly.

The first 100 registrants get a $100 discount, and prices go up after that as the date of the conference approaches... so register soon if you want the best deal. I look forward to seeing you there! <img src="" />

Ubercamp Recap

<img src="" style="padding-left: 1em;" align="right" /> Well, <a href="">Ubercamp</a> is now a couple days over and my sunburned shoulders are starting to heal. It's a small price to pay for an awesome weekend on the Lake with my wife, co-workers, and new friends from Michigan, California, and Tennessee. We were blessed to have such wonderful company, weather, and food!

A quick recap is in order... (If you don't feel like clicking individual picture links, feel free to check out <a href="">Tim's Ubercamp galleries</a>.)
<li>We <a href=" tested/packaged</a> up the <a href="">1.2 release</a>.</li>
<li>We spent Friday night in the dock getting used to the boat and to one another, chowing down on burgers and brats, and <a href=" dancing</a> our <a href="">revolution</a>.</li>
<li>Saturday we taxied out of the <a href=" and found a <a href=" cove</a> perfect for <a href=", swimming, <a href=", and <a href=" in peace.</li>
<li>Roundtable discussion over lunch (farm fresh chicken and sweet corn) and into the evening about where <a href="">Ubercart</a> is, where it's headed, and how we can more effectively enable and benefit from the community (and the Drupal community at large). Good notes here... action to follow. <img src="" /></li>
<li>I <a href=" into the sunset</a> and didn't want to return or go home (ever).</li>
<li>More <a href=" learning and discussion</a> time over an awesome steak dinner on Saturday and egg breakfasts on Sunday morning.</li>
<li>Sunday we had some final <a href=" and <a href=" play time as we brought the houseboat back to port and lamented the end of Ubercamp 1.0. <img src="" /></li>

So, all in all it was a wonderful wonderful trip...<!--break--> We made some good movement on Ubercart, got some feedback from developers/users (and one potential user), and were able to hash out some of the details for moving forward into Drupal 6 and beyond. If I would change anything in the future, I'd remember to take pictures of the food and try to block out more time for the informal learning time. I think everyone has something to learn and to share, and I found these times to be very fruitful.

In case you can't tell by the pictures, you missed a crazy good time if you weren't there. We hope to see more people in the future, and we hope the events encourage/enable more people to dive into developing Ubercart sites and modules.

Special thanks go to Mike and Tim for providing the food and the WaveRunner and to Andy for letting us use and enjoy the houseboat for the weekend.

Ubercamp Photos

Tim has posted a plethora of photos from the weekend to a public Picasa gallery. Those interested in seeing what they missed should check it out! <img src="" />

Ubercamping it (Pt. 3)

Sunday morning was a little slower than Saturday morning. There's something about a day on the Lake with late night conversation and hacking (including e-mail... amazing) that just tires you out.

We had a staggered round of breakfasts followed by a little more tubing time and informal chat time. Unfortunately, while the WaveRunner was out the tree stump that anchored our boat on one side of our private cove (incredible, by the way...) decided to break free. This meant Mike and I had to swim to shore, rope in hand, and pull the boat back toward the center so it wouldn't get cozy with the opposite shore. We probably wouldn't have asked for this to happen, but I can't say I didn't enjoy the challenge.

On the way back to the marina, we decided there should be a Drupal boat permanently on the water with wireless internet access. Folks can come hang out for a week, work on a job, and then go on their way. Who wouldn't want to code in such conditions? It really was amazing, and I'm glad we got to hang out with the folks who came.