Late Nights and Site Updates

This week has been crazy. It's included several late nights hacking on four Ubercart modules that I developed as a Commerce Guy through a community funded project. More on those later. The week also involved my first all-nighter in over five years. I thought I left those behind with my undergrad studies, but apparently I'm still just as much of a procrastinator! Tongue (Getting the flu the last two weeks of class sure didn't help.)

I had to stay up all night Thursday and work till about 5 PM on Friday to finish a research paper (to be posted) and final exam for my class on the Doctrine of the Person of Christ. I'm pleased with the results, but I really wish I'd been disciplined to finish the paper sooner so I could have more time to mull it over and revise. I'll let it sit for a while and then touch it up to post it online. Basically, it's a short paper dealing with the Son of Man sayings in the Gospel of Matthew. I've been intrigued by the topic for some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed my recent studies on the topic. The gist of it is Jesus uses the title to establish a new framework for understanding the Messiah against the popular framework of his day. The Son of Man combines the figures of the suffering Servant of the Lord from Isaiah 42-61 with the exalted Son of Man figure of Daniel 7 into a single person.

Anyways, despite staying up all night Thursday, I still stayed up till about 1 AM on Friday evening working on my websites. I've had a VPS (web server) at Slicehost for some time now but had never migrated my personal sites onto it. So, I buckled down Thursday evening while waiting for my step-dad to get here and got to work. I managed to get a couple of sites up and running, the Szrama Clan website and The Wingfeather Wiki. I still need to migrate this site and a friend's site, and then all my eggs should be in one basket again.

I'm really excited about the two sites I did manage to get live. The first is a simple collaboration site for Christina and I where we previously shared about our engagement and marriage. However, it's been given a fresh paint job (notice the theme of my weekend?) in honor of our daughter (in utero). We'll hopefully populate it with pictures of both the ultrasound and Top Porch in short order.

The other site is a Wingfeather Saga fan site. It represents my first real personal attempt to use Drupal for social publishing. I've never done a fan site before, but I love Andrew's writing and am happy to promote it. Hopefully some other fans come on board and pitch in! Are you one? Register your account today. Cool

And so, sleep deprived and with plenty of work still to do this weekend, I now close this blog post at 3 AM. I have much more to do and plenty to write about, but I fear even I must sleep a little every now and then. Until next time...