Bought a Drupal Theme Lately?

If so, you might have used Ubercart unknowingly. Or maybe you did know it and didn't really care. <img src="" />

While Ubercart has plenty of blemishes, it's encouraging to see that both <a href="">Top Notch Themes</a> and the new <a href="">Theme Artists</a> sites have found Ubercart to be a workable solution for peddling their wares. Lyle and I will readily confess our lack of theme mojo, and there are plenty of forum threads pointing out our mistakes to prove it. Now after many months of development and patience from the themers patrolling the forums, Ubercart is at a point where Steph et al from Top Notch are actually comfortable enough to offer <a href="">Drupal themes designed for Ubercart sites</a>. Very cool. <img src="" />
(And believe me, they're not the only ones churning out <a href="">great</a> <a href="">looking</a> <a href="">Drupal</a> <a href="">+</a> <a href="">Ubercart</a> <a href="">sites</a>!)

While I know it's not the only way for us to improve (there's plenty of self-learning to do as well), developing an economy around Ubercart where professionals are scrutinizing the code and submitting feedback/patches so they can make better use of Ubercart is a sure plus for the project. At least it's been working well for a little dorm-room diversion we all love called Drupal.

(Another way to improve that I dare not leave out is to reap the benefits of a devoted user community. Many thanks go to <a href="">Rich</a> and <a href="">ot... donating their time through the forums and IRC to debug our latest look. If you're not aware, Rich also hosts a <a href="">contributions API</a> running the API module on a wide selection of Drupal contrib modules that you might find handy.)


Thanks for the mention Ryan! We're working on another two Ubercart themes this week actually.

You guys have put together an awesome e-commerce package that seems unstoppable coupled with the power of Drupal. The focus on usability and strong direction of UC made it the clear choice for us. We're looking forward to helping improve the markup and theming in UC to make it easier for others to create themes too, hopefully when you guys get a breather after 1.0/D6 Smile

Those are some beautiful themes there, well done