Digging into OpenSocial

Well, I've been tossing around the idea of some sort of distributed web application based in a Drupal site for some time now. I first got the idea from Dave Cohen, a Drupal developer I got to spend a little time with in Barcelona. He's heading up the Drupal for Facebook project at drupal.org, so he's basically making my life easier just by doing what he's doing. (He's also the developer of the TAC Lite module which I've used in several different sites.)

Anyways, Facebook's developer system is obscenely difficult. I wish that were an overstatement, but it really seems like they're trying to weed out all those application developers who might be interested. I spent some time working it out to no avail and put those efforts on pause when I got an e-mail from Google letting me into the Orkut Sandbox. Orkut? Sandbox? bwuh?

Orkut is Google's social network. It didn't make it big in the States, but it's big overseas. A sandbox is just a test environment where developers can play around and make messes while testing out their applications. Google spearheaded the OpenSocial movement and has appropriately integrated it on Orkut. This means I've been able to get my feet wet serving up an OpenSocial application from a Drupal module. Much fun.

I've still got some thinking to do to decide what will actually comprise a useful integration. I'm itching to work on this in conjunction with toying with Drupal for Facebook so we can use as much code in both systems as possible. Dave's done a lot of the groundwork, so I'm hoping to benefit from that and lend a hand where I can.

I'll be sure to post when I turn out something useful. Wink