A couple days ago Ryan suggested that I should start blogging here. That sounded reasonable, and now that I'm on vacation, I feel like I've got stuff to talk about. Tongue

The count right now, is that I've been up for just over 23 hours. I woke up at 5 this morning to gather the travelers and catch the flight out of Louisville International at 7:30. After some connecting flights to Chicago and Los Angeles, we finally arrived in Honolulu at 4:30 Hawai'i time. For those of you keeping track at home, that's a 6-hour time difference.

In short, Hawai'i is amazing. As was recently said, "it's like someone set the thermostat outside to 'perfect'". Used to a long Louisville winter, I couldn't agree more. Of course, the locals say they think it's kind of chilly, but that's their prerogative. Even after dark, it's still a pleasant 70-something degrees.

Despite how late it felt, we went to the Tsukiji Fish Restaurant and Bar. This was my first experience with sushi, much less buffet style. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't that impressed. I like to think I'm an adventurous individual, and I did try several different kinds of fishy delicacies. But none of them were really something I'd care to eat again. However, the highlight of the meal was when I got the Hawaiian shaved ice. They had listed several different flavors: vanilla, strawberry, orange, melon, condensed milk, ... azuki beans. OK, condensed milk is a strange snow cone flavor, but what are azuki beans? I decided I wanted melon, but I meant to ask the lady making the dessert, "What are azuki beans?" in case I wanted them. I said it a couple of times, but she must have decided I wanted orange with azuki beans. I didn't want to be rude and just refuse it out of hand (remember, I'm adventurous), so I accepted the offered condensed milk that was drizzled on top.

Azuki beans are a lot like black beans. Not in flavor, but in texture, if they were mashed a little. I got the feeling earlier that azuki beans don't really go with orange flavoring. I was right. Melon is a better fit, but still not great. Kind of like raw fish in general.


Aloha Island Usurper!

Sounds like you are having an interesting experience with the local Hawaiian cuisine; but if I may highly recommend (being that it's 1 of my 2 top favourite foods on the Planet of all time (33 yrs and countin' *knock on wood*)):

Go to an authentic Hawaiian Luau and have the BBQ Roasted Pork - stupendous!!

I vacationed on Maui, went to a Luau and had the time of my life!

I found Honolulu more like a big city on the beach, whereby a short plane hop away is Maui, which, to me, was much more like a Paradise Getaway - with black sand beaches, helicopter tours of the volcanoes, the '7 Sisters' waterfalls... the list goes on and on.

I went in Jan/Feb., 1998, and the temperatures were great, while the locals were wearing jackets and said it was cold. But hey, I come from Labrador, Canada where in winter it can get to -60C (w/ windchill) in Winter with ALOT of snow.

I look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Hawai'i - BON VOYAGE!

J (-:
PS: My 2nd Fav food is Sweet Chili dusted Wild Boar Baby Back Ribs - Yum!