Knight Foundation Recognizes the Value of Drupal Development

I'm always a little ashamed to answer Drupal surveys on third party sites, so a while ago I prepared and submitted a proposal to the Knight News Challenge to develop a beefed up survey module that would start getting some use. As part of the challenge, the module's specification included connecting survey results into geographical locations, allowing localized sites to create chart and map based presentations of the survey responses. I had fun dreaming it up and proposing it, and it didn't cost me any more than a few hours' time.

The proposal was denied. Cool However, it did receive recognition through Knight's site as a top proposal for 2008. I'm sure other Drupallers have submitted applications, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few of them be chosen for funding. The Knight Foundation has shown in the past that it has no qualms investing in Drupal as a news and community publishing system, so keep an eye out for the announced grants in May and consider what you might do to apply for a grant next year!


It sounds like this project would have been 80%+ duplication of Webform module (I'm the maintainer). The larger part of building a survey application is handling of the form, not of the results itself. After the data has been collected, output is a much easier task. As someone that's spent years maintaining a survey application, duplicating this functionality just to get different result presentation would have been a big mistake. If you're interested in developing such a platform, I'd encourage you to collaborate with the existing Webform project.

Agreed. The proposal was made quite some time ago, and a lot has gone on since then (including many new releases of the webform module). Were I to do this now, a collaboration would be my starting point.