New Book Search Module for Drupal 6 Released

I just released the <a href="">Book Search</a> module for Drupal 6. I already told my wife how excited I was about the project, as everything fell into place quickly and effectively. I'm one of those oddballs who views his coding as an art, and I love the sense of accomplishment that I get from turning a blank file into a well-styled, commented, feature complete module all in one sitting.

The module adds a book search tab to the search form and allows your users to perform simple keyword searches through specific books on your site. As an administrator, you decide which books should be available for search through the book search form, and the user can specify to search any of these books or a select few. The module also defines a book search block that appears when users are view pages from searchable books. The form redirects to the book search form upon submission.

One enhancement over the core advanced content search is the fact that I'm persisting the book search options between searches. The core advanced content search turns your parameters into special keywords that then persist in the actual search keywords textfield. Huh? What gives? This module will simply set the defaults for the book search options based on the path and remove them from the keywords in the search keywords textfield. Perhaps this has already been fixed for D7, but if not, someone should prod me until I submit a patch for that.

From conception to release, Book Search took about 3.25 hours, keeping me above my target 100 lines of code per hour. I can't say with absolute certainty, but I'm sure the Mountain Dew I had over lunch before diving into the code had something to do with the speedy development. <img src="" alt="Wink" />

The module was developed for a friend and client named <a href="">Bill Mounce</a> who operates <a href="">Biblical Training</a>, a website that offers free seminary level courses online from some of my favorite Evangelical teachers and preachers. He'll also get use out of the module on <a href="">Kids' Greek</a>, where he's developing online curriculum to teach biblical Greek (targeted at kids and homeschoolers, but obviously awesome for everyone). Bill chaired the translation of the New Testament in the <a href="">English Standard Version</a> of the Bible, and he keeps an <a href="">awesome blog</a> that discusses various issues in translation (both academic and practical) and Christian ministry. I highly recommend it!

I love it when my work and personal life interests collide. I hope others get some good use out of the result, as well! <img src="" alt="Cool" />