Ubercart at Drupalcon a Winning Combination

Well, I'm sitting back at home in Louisville, KY trying to gather my thoughts and recover from a crazy, awesome week in Boston. Here in Louisville we have a foot of snow, but my plane landed fine and I'm happily inside staying warm with my wife. I must admit, coming home to Mrs. Ubercart was the real joy of the week! However, I do love meeting people from around the world that are using and contributing to Drupal, so I certainly wasn't in agony while I was away. This conference was a particular joy to me in that I got to meet face to face with dozens of users, developers, and shops that are using and contributing to Ubercart. I'll expose my naivety and say that I simply had no clue all you folks were out there!

As I chat with the people who stayed behind, I find it hard to describe what the event was like. There are so many things to be said, but I keep coming back to describing the excitement and energy that exists in the Drupal community. Again, I particularly benefited from the energy surrounding Ubercart itself, hence the title of this blog post. This conference helped me to grasp the bigger vision for what Ubercart is and can become and how we can harness all the energy (particularly in volunteer development, design, and documentation hours) to continue to improve the project and expand its reach. Many thanks to the countless folks who introduced themselves and chatted about the project in the halls, over dinners (how about that Ethiopian Uberdinner?), and in a productive BoF session. (I won't name the folks who followed me to the bathroom to chat, too. ;)) Together, you have all helped me form the vision for Ubercart's future, and I couldn't have done it without you.

My recurring illustration is that I feel a bit like Pecos Bill as he stares down a tornado but somehow manages to lasso it and ride it like a bronco... quite a bumpy ride, I'm sure, but he was able to harness and direct a tremendous amount of energy. While you'll probably never find me in cowboy boots, I am excited about the opportunity to lasso and direct the energy building around Ubercart. Drupalcon has shown me the tornado, and I'm getting ready for the ride.

Many thanks again to the sponsors, organizers, and volunteers who made our week in Boston not only possible but an incredibly fun and productive time.


Right On! Describing the week as being full of excitement and energy is a great summary. It was so cool to connect with other people from all over the world that were excited about Drupal. It was great meeting you and keep up the great work with Ubercart!

Mrs. Ubercart? Does your wife know you call her that? ;-) Ah, terms of endearment... to each his (or her) own, I guess.

DrupalCon was indeed an exciting week. And the Ubercart dinner was a surprising smash hit. Maybe next time you should estimate more than 12... a LOT more.

Your session was great. It was the most practical of all of the sessions I attended, and that's something to be appreciated. It was good to meet you guys and get a vision for where Ubercart is headed in the future.

haha Yeah, it's a funny term of endearment indeed... it was coined by Boris Mann in Barcelona, actually. Christina still self-references using it. In fact I had a note in my lunch yesterday signed: Love, Christina (proud to be Mrs. Ubercart)

Can't ask for more support than that. Lol

Hey Ryan,

Once again, it was great meeting you (I still telling stories about how I met the cool guy from Ubercart).

I'm gonna pick up 1 or 2 of those books you recommended this weekend and fit in reading into my schedule.

Regards to the wife.


Awesome. I'd be happy to do dinner again any time. Smile

Not sure which of the books would most appeal to you, so feel free to check them out in store before purchasing and override my recommendation if it's not up your alley. (If I had to knock one off the list, it would probably be Abolition of Man, although I still really enjoyed the read.)

Now you've got my curiosity up, talking about books, with Abolition of Man among them. Would you mind sharing the book list you're referring to?


Sure. Smile I'm not sure if I've talked about any of his books on my blog or not, but I've read and enjoy C.S. Lewis quite a bit. One of my favorite lectures he's ever delivered is called The Weight of Glory, and you can get that and a few other lectures in book form nowadays. I also like The Abolition of Man and Lewis' appeal for men with chests. Last, I recommended to Emanuel Mere Christianity as a more reasoned, philosophical look at Christianity from a great mind.

The context for my recommendations was a dinner conversation we shared at the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Boston, MA. These were some books that I found to be a great encouragement/challenge personally, and a good mental exercise to read through.

And of course, I always love The Chronicles of Narnia. I hope to write my own fairy tales (or at least sci-fi story) some day! Lol

Thanks for sharing. I was at Drupalcon Boston 2008, and I attended your Ubercart presentation, but I didn't take the chance to meet you. Did you end up going to an Ethiopian restaurant that night?

The Abolition of Man is probably my favorite (that I've read) of Lewis' addresses, and it's widely read in the homeschool circles I'm affiliated with. I've also read parts of The Weight of Glory, and I really need to get around to reading Mere Christianity. I've always liked The Chronicles of Narnia, although for me, the series seemed to weaken somewhat as it went along, especially with A Horse and His Boy. I understand he also wrote a space trilogy, which I've had recommended to me, so I'll have to check that out at some point.