Paris Drupal Commerce Sprint Wrap-Up

The Paris Drupal Commerce Sprint has been a huge success for the project. AF83 has been an incredible host, granting us use of the conference room for the full week, the espresso machine throughout the day, and of course DamZ. I flew out with Mike to represent Commerce Guys, and we gleaned some excellent advice from the folks who came in from i-KOS. It was super helpful to have Bojhan and fago join us to better plan our IA / User Experience and Rules integration. What a great team!

Unfortunately, the end of the week has come too soon for me to spend more than a few minutes on a wrap-up post. We're still in the process of moving our discussion notes into the forums and issue tracker. Those notes will communicate our proposed implementation of Orders / Carts and Price handling on Drupal 7 / Rules and hopefully garner some global feedback.

We'll also post the roadmap for people to check out and contribute where possible. The roadmap summarizes a majority of our work this week in specifying and planning the development required to have a working checkout by the end of March. Ideally we'll follow that up with a sprint in the Eastern U.S. that lays our plans up to DrupalCon San Francisco and the CMS Expo.

There are a few days left to vote up the DrupalCon session where we'll demo the current code express a healthy dose of geeky jubilation at the power Drupal 7. We're really excited to be working with the new APIs and will talk them up as much as possible. Mega kudos to the contributors to the entity and field systems.

Finally, we were able to review the product / product reference code, add product Token and Rules support, and get product tests written in time to close out the sprint. I've just exported the results from the main Drupal Commerce Git repository to the dev branch in CVS with a lot of help from fago (see also his blog post on the topic). These repositories will be kept in sync, so the latest code is always available for forkers on GitHub and patch authors on d.o. If you want to give it a go, you'll need the 7.x dev branches for Views and Rules, or you can wait for me to fly home and update the commercedev installation profile / get it on d.o with a drush make file.

That's all for now, though I could really go on more about all the wonderful people who helped in the meetings and showed us around town. Paris was wonderful, and I can't wait to come back. Now it's time to pack and sleep to wake up for the taxi in 7 hours.

Au revoir!



Just posted up the development roadmap for March at Smile