Drupalcon Haiku and a Free Bed

In imitation poet fashion, I've devoted myself to a bit of poetry to prepare us to brave whatever remains of the New England winter the first week of March. Granted, it's warmer there than here (Louisville, KY) right now, but I'll be doing a lot more walking outside/cruising around on public transportation there. I also recently lost my gloves in an Italian restaurant on a lunch break. Sad

Drupalcon Boston 2008

We come with high hopes
Winter wind cools not our zeal
Numb fingers still type

I don't quite get haiku, and I always feel like I'm cheating when I write it. I think, "Why didn't I just say that in a sentence or two?" I know some of you out there can top this feeble attempt, so feel free to post one in the comments. Also, there's the matter of a free bed.

If you're coming to Boston and are still without a place to stay, Andy secured a three person room for the two of us. The third bed is free, but you never know if it'll match up to anyone's schedule. Also, it's not the Hilton. We grabbed a hostel-ish (we hope) room at the YWCA a couple miles from the conference center. We're checking in March 2nd and checkout out the morning of March 7th. We can look into extending the reservation if someone needs to stay longer and wouldn't mind paying the extra day(s) themselves.

Unofficial application rules specify that only folks who submit their free bed request with a Drupalcon or Ubercart haiku will be considered. (In reality, we'll be happy to share with the first person interested.)

P.S. - My favorite haiku is a poem titled Quorum written by a guy that used to work here in the office. He's moved on to Grand Junction, CO, but his legacy remains in this beauty:


No fair conclusion
Is possible without it
It's unanimous


Good to catch up, you!
Are you bringing the missus?
I like Ubercarts


I'd love to go
the wallet is empty tho
oh, hello boris! Smile

Hey Ryan,

I'd be interested in the third bed and would be happy to split the room cost. Is it still available?

Boston, here we come!


P.S. I'm working on my haiku... will have something good for you!

P.P.S. My username is also "Ben" in the Ubercart forums.

Blue chair to myself
Ice cream no consolation
Five-twenty-eight Camp

...my take on the Boston Trip.... Wink

Come home soon, ok?