It's unseasonably warm here in Louisville, which is very nice since my front yard has been a solid sheet of ice for a week and a half. It made getting down the steps and to the car quite a treacherous exercise! After church, I sat down and thoroughly enjoyed another chapter in The Preexistent Son by Simon Gathercole, a book that looks at evidence in the Bible books Matthew, Mark, and Luke indicating the authors understood Jesus to have an existence prior to his incarnation. I've actually really enjoyed the book, even if I didn't know it was such a hotly debated issue! Tongue

Anyways, afterward Christina and I headed out to the park for a walk. Today was the first "warm" day in a while, so I finally got a chance to sport the short-sleeved Mega Stega t-shirt from one of the more recent Ubercart stores, Muffin Castle. I nabbed the shirt in a site launch promotion they did over Twitter and couldn't be happier. Christina would like me to point out that it might be troublesome that the only strangers to comment on liking my shirt were teenage girls in the park (and one college-aged neighbor across the street). No worries. I'll be sporting this neon wonder at Drupalcon DC regardless!

Thanks again for the shirt. Wink

(Along with the Mega Stega shots, I'm also including pictures of the reason I was without power for 4.5 days... You have to view the full post to check out the images.)