Ubercart Translation Community Effort

I'm excited about the latest happening on the internationalization front for Ubercart, namely the opening of a translation server for Ubercart by community member rak. Since the project's inception, we've been trying to play catch-up with the internationalization features of Drupal and issues pertaining to multilingual sites. Grokking the pot extractor was even the key topic of an informal half hour training session between Gabor and myself in Barcelona, which was and still is very much appreciated.

It's great to see how community support is now blooming to augment our weaknesses! Those interested in using, testing, or contributing to a translation can use the link above to lend a hand in the task. (After all, it's no easy job to wade through 3,000+ strings!) Those interested in getting their language added to the server can contact rak through his thread in the Ubercart forums. Gotta love developing software in community!


While having separate translation servers is not the best idea, it will do for the testing period. However, spreading translation servers by module is definitely a bad idea, since translations are shared among projects. If you separate by projects, the sharing does not happen. Since there is no sharing between languages, it is better to advocate the language sites for now, where ubercart has (or can have) its own place. http://drupal.org/project/l10n_server has a list.

Very interesting... I figured there was some module behind it all, but I had no idea there was already a coordinated effort going on for translation teams. Thanks a lot for pointing it out, Gabor. Right now this is helpful for me in that one person has volunteered to do the coordination and upkeep for the various Ubercart translations. I don't have the resources to track and encourage people toward individual sites, and I'm just not sure where some of the languages (Czech, Slovak, Turkish, etc.) would find a home in the absence of language specific servers. If you check back and read this, do you have any thoughts on it?