Indie Music

I listen to music at work to drown out all the office noise and focus on coding. More often than not, that means screaming along (quietly) with some rock band while hacking away on Ubercart. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it gets the job done.

However, I do occasionally put on some indie tunes that I like to pass the hours. They're not quite so heavy, and you may even find yourself enjoying one of the following types of music...

  • Marvella - A group of guys from my college in a great rock band. I don't think they're still playing (sadly :(), but I've listened to the few songs they have up here for days straight while chipping away at Ubercart.
  • Olympia Three - A band with a couple high school buddies. I believe it's a mix of punk, bluegrass, and something else... the mandolin is incredible on any of the demo songs up here. I'm hoping to see them at a coffee house nearby on Feb. 8th.
  • Jim Needler - My favorite songs of his aren't up here, but the ones he has posted still give you a good feel for his music. It's some laid back folk rock with Jim playing guitar and alternately providing the vocals and harmonica (never at the same time ;)). His wife, Debbie, was a teacher at my high school and the FCA "coach", and she provides the harmonization. They live right across the street from me and are wonderful neighbors!
  • Daniel Brown's Nintendo On Piano - I love listening to the various medleys and wonderful songs from my favorite NES/SNES games of old. I'm in the habit of humming Kefka's theme as I traipse around the office now. }:) Be sure to check out Legacy of the Wizard and Nobunaga's Ambition at the bottom, too. They're short tracks from games I've never heard of, but the music is great.
  • cha0s Jams - That's what I affectionately refer to as many tracks done by a fellow FreeBASIC coder who goes by cha0s. I love the soundtracks here, especially gen8s (Boss Music in the player). A while back I actually burned a CD of his music and listened to it the whole way down to visit Christina in Greenville. Cool

So, check them out and let me know what you think. Just to forewarn you, a few of cha0s' songs with vocals contain offensive language/lyrics, so I recommend just checking out gen8s if you wanna get a feel for his digital soundtrack stuff.