Questionaut by Amanita Design... It's awesome!

So much to blog about and instead of buckling down to do my good web citizen duty, I find one of the coolest Flash games I've played in a while. In fact, it's probably the coolest Flash game I've played since finding Samorost2 a couple years ago. No surprise that it's by the same creators, Amanita Design.

The game in question is an educational adventure game commissioned by the BBC called Questionaut. Follow that link and click the orange Go button for a taste of what a truly imaginative, artistic adventure game can look and feel like. I love the visual design, the music, the puzzle design, and more. The sense of humor displayed in the characters is delightful, and I can't help but think of The Little Prince as I fly from world to world to meet them.

The game targets an elementary school audience and drills you on trivia ranging from probability to grammar. I didn't have much trouble with the questions (aren't you proud, mom and dad?), though I was stumped for a few minutes on the stage 6 puzzle. There's honestly nothing here to ruin the gaming experience, and much more to commend.

Try it out. Enjoy yourself. Don't blame me when you're totally captivated. Cool

I highly recommend the Samorost games, and while writing up this post I was encouraged to find that they have a full scale adventure game in the works with the same incredible style called machinarium. Guess what I'll be buying when it's available... Wink

Check it out:

Machinarium Preview from Amanita Design on Vimeo.



Wow, it's not long, but it was creative and caused me to use my imagination in each stage before going through the more scholastic portion of the game.

Hmm, level six. Solved it by blind luck. realized the pattern afterwards. Heh

I'm assuming that was the musical one? That was the trickiest for me, too. Tongue