Sound Home Resource Center

Well, at work I was able to put together a great Drupal site for the Sound Home Resource Center and handle most of the content migration from the old site. What's best is that it comes at a very good time for me, as I'm a new homeowner here in Louisville, KY. The site is a compilation of the knowledge and general wisdom of George Guttmann, a home inspector and guru in the Pacific Northwest. Apparently he runs a radio show as well... and the site is just great. The content that is, though I'm equally as proud of the innards of the site. I hope to do a write-up in the near future about some (innovative? there's nothing new under the sun...) cool Views usage to construct articles out of individually posted sections.

Anyways, the site... Cool

Ubercart Beta and Beyond

Just a quick post to celebrate the initial beta release of Ubercart. I can't imagine the beta phase being anywhere near as long as the alpha phase in which we rapidly built out the core features, expanded into a few unexpected areas (file downloads, role promotions, etc.), and spent plenty of time providing bug fixes, usability enhancements, and forum support. Rather, we're looking for a relatively short beta with a 1.0 release as soon as possible.

We know there are many places we can improve, and we're counting on the community to keep posting them up (with patches when possible ;)). For a quick list, you can view this thread where I outline a few outstanding issues and emphases for the beta phase.

I don't really know what the full way forward beyond the beta will be. The release of Drupal 6 looms large on the horizon, but we are taking advantage of a few modules that will need to be updated along with Ubercart before it can be fully implemented on Drupal 6. We still have a couple large modules that need to be coded before our business can fully use Ubercart, but I'm not too hot on coding those in Drupal 5 and then spending even more time updating them before we can use them. Further, some of the API enhancements in Drupal 6 are just too good to pass up. I'd expect us to transition into Drupal 6 development as soon as possible.

I'm sure we'll get it sorted out, as changes and updates always take longer than expected anyways. Smile

Ubercart building a reputation for Drupal as good e-commerce solution

As Ubercart marches toward a beta release, I'm pleased to see more and more stores popping up in the <a href="">live sites directory</a>. I was just as happy to see a post in my Google Alerts from another development shop finding <a href="">Drupal + Ubercart to be a good solution</a> for e-commerce development. The guys at <a href="">Sundays Energy</a> have been doing this openly for a while, and I know several other developers who have pumped out multiple incredible sites (izi are you out there? :P ). The post that just came up today, though, was different. It not only praised our beloved CMS for having a good e-commerce module package in Ubercart, but it <em>also</em> praised Drupal over against the likes of Joomla/Wordpress (and their e-commerce extensions) and other dedicated e-commerce solutions like osCommerce and ZenCart.
The fellow who posted the article seems to be a pretty well-rounded developer who probably has much more experience than me in general and with other e-commerce packages. He likes the combination of Drupal + Ubercart for simplicity, flexibility, and (for lack of a better word) themability. Don't we all? My hope for Ubercart is that it continues to build a name for Drupal as <em>the</em> open source CMS solution for e-commerce... We're working hard to make it easier for folks to use and more applicable for a variety of uses. I'm happy to be working on such a fun project, and even happier knowing it's building a good reputation for Drupal in another niche market of web development. What's good for Ubercart is good for Drupal and vice versa. :)

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</script><script src="" type="text/javascript"></script></div>I found this article through a Google Alert on "Ubercart" as a Digg. You should <a href="">Digg it</a>, too!
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On a somewhat related note, we had a new user post the following quote in our forums:
"Ubercart rocks. I was tooling with ecommerce feeling suicidal until I found this."

There you have it... Ubercart saves lives.

Fish 'n Flush

Thanks to my Dave Barry calendar (from last year), I have a new favorite item on my Christmas wishlist. I can take up to two, so bring 'em on!